Sunday, 5 January 2014


A new year and a new start; perfect excuse to buy new wares for the closet! With the dollar still playing spoilsport, foreign purchases (and all the cool imported labels) have become dearer. So what’s a fashion lover to do? Well, it’s time to go local! At the moment, in this country (or maybe in most parts of the world), there is nothing easier than opening a tee shirt shop. Lately online tee-companies are multiplying like bunnies and while with some sites there is some emphasis on original design and creativity, they are all playing in the affordable-for-all-tee-shirt pool.

One of the site that beats this race is Playclan. They have a handful of groovy shops all around India selling all kinds of merchandise featuring their distinct graphic style. Their visual style is largely inspired by the country but the feel is very arty and hand-drawn with a dash of humour thrown in. Inspiration could come from mythological figures or historical political icons or various cities of India – its all from a local source but given a rendition that could appeal to anyone around the world.

What sets Playclan apart is the great level of detail. These tee graphics are not just designed on the front but often on the back and sometimes even on a sleeve. After printing the graphic, additional detail is added through touches of embroidery. The tee I purchased is inspired by Benaras and its religious sadhus; their detailing is done with French knots. Each tee design features its mini-inspiration-story on the inner back just below the sew-in label.

Even the hangtags and the cute yellow paper bag are designed with attention to detail. Obviously all this comes at a price but wouldn’t you mind paying a bit more for something a bit more handcrafted and unique than your average slogan tee.

Check out playclan at:

Playclan Store, Mumbai, India

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