Sunday, 1 December 2013


I am back after a long hiatus but let me take it from where I left off! Neon colours have been on the runways for a past few seasons and the trend has been trickling down ever since. Not the easiest colours to embrace, its best to have a little bit of the bright stuff. 

With winter not yet properly in and the mercury still shooting up, I am still in a summery state of mind. (Upcoming winter getaways to the beaches are just reinforcing that!). So my boat shoes are getting unexpectedly more run time! These boat shoes from Sperry fit the bill with their bright orange accents – I have gotten more looks with those on the street than from anything I have owned!

There are boat shoes and then there is that great pair of boat shoes. Though the brand is not available locally as yet, there are several options available; alas, none have the punch that these have (Sperry does boat shoes better than most anyways!). The classic camel tone of leather is contrasts perfectly with the orange accents. The detailing is great: the orange laces, the branded eyelets, the orange ribbed band on top of the base, the inner orange stripe, the boat & wave logo on the outer sides of each shoe.....

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  1. These look great! Especially broken in a bit as they are.