Saturday, 31 August 2013


I read a recent article in a mens magazine which gave tips such as introducing colour into one’s wardrobe. Colour has been a story in fashion for quite some time (Raf Simons particularly lauded womens collection for Jil Sander was the precursor of it all). But how many men – ahem, grown men can introduce colour into their daily wardrobes if that daily regime involves going to workplaces where orange trousers and pink polos simply won’t do.

So a great idea to re-energize the wardrobe could be through accents and accessories. While a jacket with an inside piping in orange would do the trick, that’s not the easiest thing to find. I have stumbled upon coloured socks and I think they are a sophisticated yet subtle way to creating interest. Socks are not the most visible garment but a sly pop of bright colour when you sit down will make the other person definitely reassess you! You can put a pair of matching shoelaces if you want to feel more giddy with colour! Bet those stolid dependable shoes would look brand new!

Colour therapy: Brightly hued socks

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