Sunday, 21 June 2015

Classic Look Denim

While I am partial to distressed denim, lately I have been coveting the antithesis – a pair of deep, dark blue jeans. I have a couple of old jeans that I have hung on to that fit the description; what I have liked about them is their office/outside versatility. With a formal shirt, you could be respectable at a workplace on a casual Friday. With a tee the jeans become a casual wear staple. I am currently feeling a 50s vibe so the dark denim straight jean really was calling out to me. Reminds me of James Dean, Beat Poetry, bikers in California.....

The original - James Dean in his denim; contemporary spinoffs of fifties style

Distressed denim is back in vogue so getting a pair of dark, minimal jeans, just become a little more challenging. Levis can be depended to have one of these every year in their collection. Nudie also makes them (generally its their raw denim). Gas is an Italian brand that used to make basic looking but well made jeans but are into lot of washes for their current line up. Luckily online sites do have old stock from time to time and I got a 2013 design – Morris which was available in my size.

Nudie jeans (left); vintage photo from fifties of men working up their jean; jeans from Zara SS'15

Gas make their jeans in Europe which really ensure quality is great. (They tried a Made in India experiment that failed, though the price points really came down.) Almost all of their jeans are a mix of cotton and elastane which is something that I wish they didn’t follow so strictly (A guy has to have some elastane-free denim!) The fit of the jeans is tight but not skinny which is great and gives a slimming effect without discomfort. The branding is subtle but pervasive (rivets and all). The fabric is 11 oz which is light and comfortable. The top-stitching is not hi-contrast keeping in with the low-key approach. Sometimes less is really more!

Sunday, 3 May 2015


2014 was possibly the year that the world got introduced to the word 'normcore' and one of the gifts that normcore fashion gave menswear has been a new found appreciation of the white shoe. Look through half the menswear editorials or fashion shows and the white shoe is ubiquitous. All white is great for summer but a pain to maintain at any time of the year! Nevertheless after how colourful mens shoes have now become, white acts as a palette cleanser.

All white is typically not my thing (yup, I would keep on obsessing when those shoes would get eventually dirty). So I got a pair of white and beige Vans hi-tops. (Hi-tops are my favoured choice against lo-tops especially when both versions are available).  I figure if the white does get dirty, it will just look like the greige......Another tireless variation of the California SK8 sneakers, this offering from Vans comes in a combination of canvas and suede (all leather makes my feet sweat in summer....okay, I am probably imagining it but it does get super hot in summer!). Never mind, keeping a combination of canvas and suede in light colours in pristine condition is the stuff of nightmares but I'll probably send these to a laundry when time comes!

Vans is a pretty dependable brand as far as sneakers go. They have cool version of the SK8 hi top, some with a chain at the back for easier movement in and out of the shoe. If you love your Vans check out this link for more details:

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Years ago I used to wear a denim shirt (from Guess), a style that was ideal for colder days when an ordinary shirt would not do. It was a style that had its day and then languished in my wardrobe for years until it fitted me no longer and had to bundled off eventually with other cast-offs. If that shirt fit me now it would be the right thing to wear because denim has made such a comeback. I also had cut  my jeans at one point to transform them into shorts (for an additional touch I ripped off one patch pocket from the back). Those ended up in the ‘to be discarded’ pile as well but I don’t think I would bring them back.

What I would (and will) wear this summer are a pair of denim shorts; distressed but not cut-off, not cuffed but folded over at the hem. With a faded tee-shirt and a pair of shades, it’s an ideal look for the hot days to come. I bought mine on holiday from Pull & Bear; they are the perfect colour (light but not too washed out), the perfect length (after folding) and the perfect fit (especially at the thigh - snug enough but not tight). Plus I like an interesting detail like the bright red zip. Denim shorts are a versatile piece for summer - dress them down with a singlet and slip-ons or dress them up with a shirt (classic, white) and shades.

(Photo credit on left:Iamgalla blog)

Thursday, 22 January 2015


Style watchers are predicting authors will be the coolest people in 2015. 80 year old American author Joan Didion fronts the latest campaign for the achingly cool French luxury label Celine - no further proof needed! There is something about the written word that seems authentic and personal. And handwritten words have been cropping up in menswear shows. Raf Simons just showed hand scrawled lab coats while Michael Bastian knitted them onto a sweater. Way back during SS'15 mens season, Dior showed scribbled artwork and hand written words on classic mens shapes  (the allover look might be too much but just a sign on a shirt collar seems smart). Or one could just buy a marker and quote lines - the white shirt is as blank as a page!

From top: Tee shirt by Gas, crayola streaks on jackets and signatures on shirt collars at  Dior Homme SS'15, invitation to Dior Homme SS'15 show featuring Christian Dior's manifestor, sweater with hand writing from Michael Bastian AW'15, mens bag with all over scribbled writing Dior Homme SS'15

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Winter is when I develop a fondness for tailoring and formal wear – suits, jackets, classic coats, sweaters and so on. I am fond of classic menswear patterns often used for tailoring – hounds tooth, herringbone, bird’s eye. Luckily they all generally make appearance in autumn winter collections year after year. Though what caught my eye was the way these patterns were used in Alexander McQueen’s spring summer collection. I had shifted through these casually earlier focusing on bold coloured blocking inspired by a Japaneese pattern. But a closer look at the details revealed how classic patterns had been mixed and matched either by printing or through innovative jacquards. More than a casual twist on the classics!

Backstage at Alexander McQueen SS'15

Picture credits (Another Man)

For those who can’t wait or can’t afford, these classic patterns are available on trim well-cut trousers, courtesy of Zara Man.

Zara Jacquard Trousers

Zara Herrringbone trousers

Zara Houndstooth trousers

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Style Inspiration

Photo from
There's an entire collection inside just this one photo! Blue denim is so classic but this puts a great creative spin on everything!