Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Years ago I used to wear a denim shirt (from Guess), a style that was ideal for colder days when an ordinary shirt would not do. It was a style that had its day and then languished in my wardrobe for years until it fitted me no longer and had to bundled off eventually with other cast-offs. If that shirt fit me now it would be the right thing to wear because denim has made such a comeback. I also had cut  my jeans at one point to transform them into shorts (for an additional touch I ripped off one patch pocket from the back). Those ended up in the ‘to be discarded’ pile as well but I don’t think I would bring them back.

What I would (and will) wear this summer are a pair of denim shorts; distressed but not cut-off, not cuffed but folded over at the hem. With a faded tee-shirt and a pair of shades, it’s an ideal look for the hot days to come. I bought mine on holiday from Pull & Bear; they are the perfect colour (light but not too washed out), the perfect length (after folding) and the perfect fit (especially at the thigh - snug enough but not tight). Plus I like an interesting detail like the bright red zip. Denim shorts are a versatile piece for summer - dress them down with a singlet and slip-ons or dress them up with a shirt (classic, white) and shades.

(Photo credit on left:Iamgalla blog)

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