Sunday, 3 May 2015


2014 was possibly the year that the world got introduced to the word 'normcore' and one of the gifts that normcore fashion gave menswear has been a new found appreciation of the white shoe. Look through half the menswear editorials or fashion shows and the white shoe is ubiquitous. All white is great for summer but a pain to maintain at any time of the year! Nevertheless after how colourful mens shoes have now become, white acts as a palette cleanser.

All white is typically not my thing (yup, I would keep on obsessing when those shoes would get eventually dirty). So I got a pair of white and beige Vans hi-tops. (Hi-tops are my favoured choice against lo-tops especially when both versions are available).  I figure if the white does get dirty, it will just look like the greige......Another tireless variation of the California SK8 sneakers, this offering from Vans comes in a combination of canvas and suede (all leather makes my feet sweat in summer....okay, I am probably imagining it but it does get super hot in summer!). Never mind, keeping a combination of canvas and suede in light colours in pristine condition is the stuff of nightmares but I'll probably send these to a laundry when time comes!

Vans is a pretty dependable brand as far as sneakers go. They have cool version of the SK8 hi top, some with a chain at the back for easier movement in and out of the shoe. If you love your Vans check out this link for more details:

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