Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Mighty Style Punch: Batman Wallet from Dynomighty

This was the 75th anniversary of Batman - The Dark Knight has been around for a quarter of a century! Superhero merchandise is so ubiquitous that its almost an essential part of the wardrobe. You got to have at least a superhero t-shirt if nothing else!

For something a little bit more interesting, look no further than the Batman Mighty Wallet. Mighty Wallet is a concept created by the people at Dynomighty in the US. Using Tyvek which is a Dupont trademarked material made out of recycled plastic, the company has come out with a cool range of wallets. These are indeed mighty - you have to be a real superhero to tear it, though it looks and feels like paper. The material is waterproof too. If you want your style with some substance, you'd be doing Mother Earth a whole lot of good by purchasing a Mighty Wallet.

Besides Batman, they do have other DC heroes (Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Joker...there's also a Batmobile design). Since it is the cape crusader's milestone, I decided to focus on the Batman Wallet. I have been using one of the hero wallets and I personally love it that the wallet is super light.

Might Wallets are available at leading online retailers and also in Hamleys stores.

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