Sunday, 29 July 2012


I am not a great believer of trends as such and roll my eyes when I read about articles that say this is what you should wear to follow the latest trends. Rather than trends, I like to follow the general mood of fashion. I do believe in change because of ubiquity; when the whole world is wearing something you want to move on to the next thing. And speaking of ubiquity, there is nothing more common than checked shorts in the world of  menswear. Its a craze that started some time ago and a 'trend' that's been flogged to death.

So what's the alternative in these days when it still hot or it rains often and shorts are the best thing to wear out? Tailored shorts came (back) in fashion probably due to Thom Browne or those suave South European men who are snapped wearing them in summer. You don't see many men still wearing them in India (unless you are in a country club) and hip retailers are selling them so they make perfect sense.

Zara does 'trendy' clothes better than anyone else. Their sale is currently on and they have a wide offering of shorts. My particular favourite is this whimsical pair of linen shorts. They come in black or beige (standard safe colours). They sit some inches above the knee and come with a cuffed hem which contrasts with the formal feel. The special touch is the raffia belt that boasts some burnished metal hardware. The whimsical touch is that the belt is not removable and means having another belt is redundant. Plus no drawstring which means these just have to fit you well in whatever size they come. Zara does some other linen and cotton versions as well which are worth checking out (if they are still available on sale).

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